Caution…this vision is subject to change!

I just started binge watching Grey’s Anatomy. I’d watched 2 or 3 episodes early on, but wasn’t very interested in a new show at the time. Then last year I read The Year of Yes by Shonda Rhimes. Based on her own words, I wanted to know her by getting to know Dr. Christina Yang. I wanted to know what it looked like to find “my person.”

If you haven’t read The Year of Yes or it wasn’t on your radar, maybe reconsider. It’s highly probable that you’ll find pieces of yourself in the pages. She is refreshingly authentic and candid. Reading it made me yearn even more for my people, my career and my true self. Part of that endeavor requires having vision.

To form my 2017 vision, “Goal Diggers” was one of the courses I took at the end of last year. I highly recommend it. Javacia Bowser, blogger and founder of See Jane Write, a website and community for female writers, bloggers, and entrepreneurs, led the course and gave a follow-up webinar where she instructed us to write a motto. I started to skip that part. (Sorry, Javacia.) I thought what I had in mind may be too long for a motto. However, once I thought about Shonda (we’re on a first name basis since I finished her book) and the transformation she experienced from an initially small mindset shift, I decided to go for it. It’s up to me how long my motto is…because it’s mine.

This year, I’m endeavoring to not just tell my story, but help others tell theirs in ways that best fit their unique personality and situation. I don’t fully know what that looks like. That’s why there’s a bit of empty space on my vision board (pictured above, hopefully).

My new motto: “It’s a suffocating feeling to not have an outlet to tell your story. I choose to breathe and make sure others can too.” Tweet This

What about you? Are you able to articulate your vision? Can you already see how it’s going to play out? If not, join the club! Just remember, your inability to see the whole picture doesn’t mean you get a pass on crafting a vision for yourself. Somewhere in the fine print are the words “subject to change.”

As scary as the unknown can be, I’m getting to be okay with it.

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