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I had an early career as a forger.

My forgetfulness made it “necessary” for me to sign my mother’s name. Or, maybe it was my mouth. Can’t remember if I started signing detentions or permission slips first. Nevertheless, when I felt the need, I gave myself permission.

Somehow In later years, I slacked on permission.  Many opportunities slipped by. I didn’t really believe I had the goods, so when I was offered an opportunity, I decided the person was being nice. Then, during my search for validation, many of those opportunities passed me by.

That said, it’s important to give ourselves permission to do what’s in our hearts. There’s a time for validation and collaboration. But sometimes, you must allow your head to agree with what God put in your heart. Take Noah, for example. Noah’s project eventually drew so much attention that he had to share what God spoke to him about building the ark. He didn’t get validation or agreement, but his persistence proved profitable for those who ended up in the ark with him. So, give yourself permission to go forward, even if you’re alone.

Secondly, carefully screen who you permit in your space. Your personal space affects your mind space.  You must be prepared to govern and protect it as you would any other precious resource. Before you allow someone to share your time and space, they should meet your requirements. And in the early stages of your faith project, consider keeping it under wraps until your belief in your purpose and ability is unshakeable.

I haven’t always been diligent about time and space requirements. And when I signed those early permission slips, I wasn’t mature enough to understand their relevance. Then, after years of unrestricted access into my space, my ability to acknowledge and rely on my own potential became blocked. Fear and doubt were constant companions and I mostly took on projects I could do in my own strength. These days, I give myself permission to grow and succeed. And I stay connected to people who help me detect fear and move me beyond my comfort zone.

We’re still in the first month of a new year. Have you established three to five things you’ll accomplish by year’s end? If you have a tangible goal, like weight loss or a major purchase, you may need tangible help. Hang a dress you want to wear in your new (or, old) size on your door. Or, put a picture of the car you want in your wallet, so you see it when you spend money. Build your desire and repeatedly give yourself permission to get there with deliberate actions. God’s Word is full of permission to do the impossible. If any of your goals are left undone on December 31st, don’t let it be because you didn’t give yourself permission.

Do you have comments or suggestions about permission slips? How have you resolved to protect your time this year? Feel free to share in the comments.

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