About Lisa E


Who’s Lisa E?

I’m a Christ-follower, wife, dog mom, Bible teacher, writer, speaker, and…more than a conqueror! I also serve as a women’s ministry leader and a chaplain resident.

I’m passionate about helping women navigate the path to their dreams and understand how our relationships play a vital part. In past years, my own unhealthy and broken relationships brought me to ground zero emotionally. Coming back from that place developed within me a sensitivity to women who are wearing masks to hide their truth and cover pain as I did for so long. Thankfully, God was there…even at my lowest point. And during my journey upward, He laid the foundation for the heart-wholeness I now enjoy. You can read my story in my first book, Soul Training.

Today, I desire to see women recover from heartache, learn the lessons of their experiences, and reap the rewards of healthy, prosperous friendships and relationships in every area. How do we begin? Owning our story, which begins the process of changing our narrative.

If you desire to know more about my life as a chaplain, stay tuned for my new website!