Lisa E Williams

When you look back, can you appreciate the twists and turns of your life journey?  Are you reaching toward future goals while being disappointed with your current life? LOOK. NO. FURTHER.  REGISTER FOR THE SPA EXPERIENCE 2020! This year’s theme:    Let’s break open your mindset about your life and […]

The S.P.A. Experience 2020

For some people, the beginning of fall carries as much anticipation as January 1st. I’m “some people.” I still love getting new supplies with all the back-to-school shoppers though I’m not officially a student. I get excited when my favorite shows come back from the summer hiatus. I’m not a […]

Are you working against your new season?

This graduation season, I offer a hearty “Congratulations!” to all the grads, and I caution you: Take it all in. Accept the accolades and bask in the celebrations. You did the work, and you deserve the reward! Recently, I took some time to think through several ways we can view what […]

It’s Graduation Time!

There’s a phrase that many hate to hear, but love to use when trying to wrap up a phone conversation: ‘My phone’s about to die.’ Really? In 2019?! I’ve found that the only thing more frustrating than hearing those words is not being able to reach my husband, only to have […]

Do you need a recharge?

I enjoy watching sports. However, people don’t always enjoy watching with me. On the outside, I appear to be a rational, funny, slightly excitable human being. That’s not the entire story. There’s also a part of me that’s pretty scary – she’s loud, opinionated, and is always screaming something about how […]

Play Your Position