I’m a lover of many things “old school.” I watch old school shows and listen primarily to old school music. And I don’t mean just the 80’s “old school.” I mean, old school. See, back in the day my mother used to have these things called “card parties.” You may […]

Old School…Music

Once I hit adulthood, I wasn’t a big holiday gatherer. I hid around the holidays with a plate or two from friends, my favorite snacks, and…marathons. Remember those? These days marathons still happen, but they’re much less popular than binge watching, where you can choose your marathon. Log on, do […]

Old School…Television

This Thanksgiving holiday, we have the pleasure of dog sitting a four-year-old Labrador retriever. He’s really sweet, but different from our older and now-mellow, Hershey. Which makes me grateful for the opportunity for my husband to see what life was like for me some years back. (By the time he […]

Dog Sitting Diaries

In years past, I had a few health challenges. Unexpected. Unwarranted. (My numbers didn’t match what they said was happening.) I like good health. Though, I don’t always act like it by my food and exercise choices. Well, some of those medical issues had so-called residual effects that haven’t been […]

Rest is NOT a bad word

If you know me, you know about Hershey. And if you were patient enough to listen to the stories, you know how Hershey changed me for the better. If you’re not a dog person, I know it sounds implausible. However, I assure you it’s accurate, and I probably am not […]

Hershey’s Top 20

Before the holiday shopping rush, I’m doing a little research. How do you really feel when you receive a gift card? How disappointed are you in receiving a gift card and losing the chance to wonder what’s in the box? Friends who know me well have likely been on the other […]

Gift Dilemmas…

Well, are you? Fortified in prayer, that is. Staying ahead of the game. Not allowing so much time to pass that prayer that seems foreign. Somehow, the longer we go without prayer, the harder it is to start again. Hence, the reason folks used to encourage each other to make […]

Are you prayed up?