Rest is NOT a bad word 2

In years past, I had a few health challenges. Unexpected. Unwarranted. (My numbers didn’t match what they said was happening.) I like good health. Though, I don’t always act like it by my food and exercise choices.

Well, some of those medical issues had so-called residual effects that haven’t been fully expelled from my body yet. So at times, I don’t feel very well. Nevertheless, I know I’m fully healed, graced, and blessed to live the life I’m given. Therefore, I don’t always slow down when I don’t feel my best.

I mostly find the interruptions…intrusive.

Who has time to feel poorly and slow down? What’s the contingency plan when things need to happen at your hand, and you need a nap, a pill, and then another nap?

I don’t mean to sound arrogant. I’m deeply thankful for the opportunity to have mostly great days. And again, I am fully healed and the manifestation is surely upon me.  I look forward to sharing it with everyone as it unfolds!

In the meantime, rest can’t be a bad word. I must love where I’m going enough to get there in good shape. Even more, I must love myself and my family enough to rest. But even that doesn’t hit me deepest. Rest is a demonstration of faith. Of knowing when to pump the brakes and know that nothing will fall through the cracks.

In the New Testament, there’s a passage of scripture in Hebrews reminding us that believers are promised a rest, just as God rested after creating the world. Instructionally, we are encouraged to be diligent – work at – entering a restful state. My thoughts? God knew as we evolved, we’d become an ambitious, busy people who would forget to trust Him with the outcome of our lives. Sometimes, we’d think we knew better and could do a better job by running around wearing ourselves out.

I fell into that trap.

And although I was unexpectedly in the emergency room for an entire day recently, I still wasn’t restful and prayerful about my health and the health of others around me. Instead, I lamented about my dead phone and not having my computer with me. Deep down, I knew I wouldn’t have been able to concentrate in that environment, yet I wanted to be focused on something other than rest.

The irony of making it home and telling folks all is well? Almost every one of them told me I need to rest. And I didn’t like it. Somehow needing rest equates to weakness in my busy mind. However, this Thanksgiving holiday, I made a decision.

Rest is not a bad word.

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