In the Bible, David had other battles aside from the major one with Goliath that we all know well. David was a warrior, but a major part of his lifestyle was seeking God, which is why he was known as a man after God’s heart.

In one instance in 1 Samuel 30, David’s hometown had been raided and David asked God should he pursue the culprits in an attempt to get their goods and kidnapped family members back. God’s response was to “pursue” and added that David would “overtake them, and without fail recover all.”

David wasn’t sure he should even bother going after what was missing. When he did, possessions and families were restored. Know this: What you’re created to do is the answer for someone else. What you’ve been through is an inspiration to someone who can’t see their way out of what they’re in. You may not think it’s relevant. You may think your mistakes are too many. I assure you, someone needs what’s in your hand.


You are the reason that I can’t be too embarrassed about my failures that I won’t share them. I need you to know that despite poor decisions, opposition, hindrances, bad timing and missed opportunities, I’m YET in a position of pursuit and checking things off the list toward my purpose. I’m grateful that I’m no longer stuck. I’m getting out and telling my story.

So will you.

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