Writer’s Workshop You Don’t Want to Miss!

This year, I began my first book. For real. This is the time that it needed to be written, which coincided with me finally being ready to write it.

During the process, I’ve been working with a writing coach – Vernetta K. Williams, PhD (Dr. V) – who is helping me with the fundamentals of writing in general and book writing specifically. To begin, I had to get a grip on the writing process. I was doing okay with “getting it out,” but missing information on how to transition through the steps that would take my writing from thoughts into a compelling and well organized, full-length book.

Additionally, I had to transition from being aware of certain investments I could make to improve my writing, to actually making them. What about you?

  • Are you a writer?
  • Do you aspire to be a published writer?
  • Are you someone who considers writing, but feel overwhelmed by what you don’t know and/or the magnitude of your story?

If you answered yes – or “maybe” – to any of these questions, then our Writer’s Workshop is a can’t miss for you! Dr. V is going to share her insights and expertise in writing and put you on the path to introduce you to you, the writer.

Join us on Saturday, August 20th from 10 am to 12:30 pm for an exciting presentation and activities that will give you an introduction to the process and the investment that can move you forward in your writing goals.

Details are below and you can learn more about Dr. V at her website: www.cultivatethewriter.com.

When:   Saturday, 8/20/16 @ 10am

Where: World Champions Church, 8223 N. Florida Avenue, Tampa, FL 33604

Cost:     $35

You can pay for your registration via the PayPal button below. (Please include the best email address to reach you).

Before the workshop, all paid registrants will receive a form to fill out about your current writing status and any project you’re currently working on. Dr. V asks that you bring this form with you to the workshop!

If you have questions about or problems with your registration, I’m here to help.


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