Stop Your Snoozin’ and Get Up! 2

I had to break up with my snooze button. We had a great relationship for many years, but I got too comfortable. Familiarity crept in. Soon, I didn’t even notice ‘him’ anymore. (Today, snooze is a ‘he.’)

Always there when I reached for him, our breakup isn’t his fault. He was faithful. It was me. Even with him engaged, I missed important deadlines. I needed him to be firm, but many times, he went along with what I wanted versus fulfilling my needs.

That’s my story and I’m sticking to it. Me and snooze are done.

What’s your relationship with snooze? Do you need him in your life? If not, I envy you. I’m in awe of folks who can get up as soon as the alarm sounds. With age, I better understand the practical needs of waking early. And I plan to. At least 3 times a week. True story.

What about in real life? How many of your ideas fall prey to snooze? When I look back at unfinished projects, or ideas past their prime, I find one thing in common. Confidence. I snooze when I have too much, or too little. Then comes procrastination, excuses, or both.

I’m confident I’m not alone.

What do you have to show for the creative, brilliant person you are? Those visions that came to mind just now? Ideas, not impossibilities.

Remember your first week on the job? Were you the expert in the early days? Likely not. But you were hired (or started the business). And despite your mistakes, you didn’t get fired. You learned.

So, why snooze on the new you that lies behind your dreams? Take it from me: You’ve got the goods!

This week, grab a friend or two and open up about what you see. Why? Friends don’t let friends snooze on their dreams.

A friend of mine published a blog recently that spoke to the issue of confidence. He addressed the lack of confidence, as well as potential results of infusing our lives with healthy confidence.

What are the chances that confidence came up on both our blogs? About as likely that someone reading this shelved their dream, but can’t shake the desire. For years, I wished I could forget how desperately I wanted to write. Nothing is the same since I stopped hitting snooze and went for it.

In his blog, Alex said, Confidence is the incubator for a lifestyle of perseverance. Perseverance is a prerequisite for being relentless.

Don’t we all want to be relentless? I look forward to the day when I wake up early without an alarm clock and hit the ground running.

Confidence means the work, not the response, keeps me going. To shake off comparisons and obstacles, we need fuel. Confidence outshines doubt and fuels our resolve to get up and get busy!

What’s your take on “snooze” and how it affects your success? Let us know in the comments! Also, I encourage you to check out Alex’s post: The 3 C’s of Confidence.








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2 thoughts on “Stop Your Snoozin’ and Get Up!

  • EdDiva

    Confidence is the primary asset for completing endeavors that require persistence, ingenuity, and the integration of learned skills. Synthesizing critical pedagogy (Freire, 1968) and problem based learning (PBL) theory, Cornell Haynes (2002) stipulates that learners must “sit down and write it” which creates new schemas of newly learned material (Anderson & Pearson, 1984; Ormrod, 1999). In addition, Haynes (2002) asserts the learner must be “willing to learn; willing to get in the driver’s seat and willing to turn.” Confidence of application of the material learned results in mastery and fluid flow. Moreover, Haynes (2002) postulates that confidence of mastered material does not usurp humility.

    Haynes, C. (2002). I Am Number One. St. Louis, MO. Retrieved from

    Hee hee 😀