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My last “first day of school” was so long ago, I don’t think cell phones existed. (Let that sink in.)

Yet, as each new school year approaches, I still experience the expectancy of what I’ll accomplish in upcoming months. I dig into projects with fresh vigor, determined to finish strong. I may go back over old plans and see what I can salvage, or decide which items can wait until next year.

As I observe family routines in preparation for this school year, like the obligatory first-day photo, I noticed some things. The smiles are genuine, hopeful. Parents and teachers turn Day One into full blown demonstrations. And no matter how fun their summer was, most kids are ready to get back to the business of learning with their buddies.

This year brought a new dynamic into the mix for me: routine and change can coexist.

Carrying out a “routine” the same time every week or year, doesn’t obligate us to routine outcomes. We possess the power to implement a fresh approach or infuse a new perspective every time!

When is the last time you practiced putting down roots on your normal schedule, yet with the intention to grow something completely new?

All those years of “first day” routines planted seeds of expectation which still exist in my cells. That cellular memory compels me to purchase school supplies every year around this time, just for me. Partly because I’m obsessed with notebooks and pens. But also, a part of me enjoys cracking open something new, like a blank page, with the confidence that I possess the goods to fill it up.

Supplies say I’m ready for my new teachers. Supplies say I’m ready to absorb new information. Supplies even suggest I may be ready to teach.

Most of all, supplies remind me of the tools God provided in the earth to prompt us to “just do it.” Do you believe that with the proper tools, timing, and teachers you really can do all things?

Pick a time of year and decide what it’ll signify for you and your family. Meditate on it. Merge it into your family goals. Speak it to those you influence.

What’s the harm in celebrating a “new year” more than once? We get to be as unstoppable on Labor Day as we are on January 1st.

Refuse to be bogged down by routines in your life. Routinely reject stress threatening to strip away joy you can only enjoy today. You can’t change everything. But you are in full control of you. So, start acting brand new.

No purchase necessary.

Wake up at a new hour. Write a new motto. Wear your hair a new way. Throw off monotony. Every day is brand new. Why not be a new you?

What are some ways you infuse “brand new” into your every day? Some days it’s my hair. Other days, it’s new notebooks, journals and colored pens. Share yours in the comments!

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4 thoughts on “It’s Time to Act Brand New

  • Rachel Jenkins

    I like the expression “routine and change can coexist.” Usually around September/October is a high level of new beginnings and favor for me. This blog has given me a fresh perspective to intentionally create the “new around me (like back to school) to awaken motivation to start over and restart things I fell off from. Thanks for the article.

    • Lisa E Williams Post author

      Thanks so much for your input! I’m glad to know that I’m not the only one experiencing that type of ‘cycling’ each year. Give us something to ‘lean in’ to and take advantage of the momentum!

  • Shatysh Williams

    I always struggle with balancing routines without becoming robotic. I like the idea of becoming brand new WITHIN a routine. This is great. Thanks for providing a different perspective!