What’s the Key to Gaining Momentum?

Like most canines, my dog loves chasing squirrels. In 10+ years, it’s Squirrels 792, Hershey 0. Despite his track record, he remains undeterred. If he sees one, it’s on.

I think he gets his determination from me. Score of the war game I’m in: Pounds 177, Lisa 5. (That’s not my weight, of course.)

Over the years, I dropped weight multiple times. The pounds stayed away a while, then packed up and brought friends to live in my house once again. Weight Watchers drafted the latest eviction notice on my behalf. We’re still fighting to get them all out.

Are you battling any skillful opponents? What’s the score?

Juggling a full schedule, hitting the gym, but lacking in love? Or, successful at relationships and in your career, but years of neglecting the dream tugging at you? Or, moms helping with homework, plus front and center for all extracurricular activities. Yet your self-care score: tragic.

I hope you have a strategy on how to conquer resistance and gain momentum. No? What are we waiting for?

We have the desire. We’re determined. Yet, we continue to run on empty.

What’s the key?

Momentum requires proper motivation.

Hershey almost caught a squirrel once. Poor thing dipped beneath our fence and my lightning fast puppy finally had one on a level playing field. No tree in sight. Running full speed despite my screaming, Hershey missed the squirrel by a hair before it escaped. I was as relieved as the squirrel.

Just the other day, Hershey came within seconds of catching another one.  Navigating the pointy tops of a wrought iron gate (shown below) slowed it down. Spotting it, Hershey took off. Just in time, the squirrel leapt from a concrete post onto a tree. Squirrels, 793.

Scurrying away, jumping from branch to branch, then tree to tree, the squirrel never stopped running. Never looked back. Kept moving, using momentum inspired by my dog’s growls to climb higher and go further.

The squirrel put all its expertise achieved in everyday living into practice and escaped to higher ground.

The squirrel was properly trained and motivated.

Where can we find inspiration to push us to higher ground in discipline and self-care? To climb higher and go further without beating the air?

Some of us will have to partner up to get additional information and accountability. Others of us won’t move until the barking dog — or the doctor’s report — chases us out of our comfort zones.

Remember what I said about Weight Watchers helping me in my fight? Well, my partnership with them is half-hearted, at best. ( I reserve my productivity for writing. 🙂 ) However, neglecting their food choice suggestions zaps my energy. So, neglect in one area means I need more energy for momentum in another. Eureka! What if I start working in my own favor, instead of against myself?

My next step: learn to maximize momentum by identifying correct everyday choices.

What about you? How would your work life change, for example, if you incorporated self-care every other weekend? Do you need to partner with a trainer or a nutritionist? Or, if you’re currently successful in managing momentum and/or self-care, offer us your suggestions in the comments!

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