Open Your Gifts All Year 1

It’s the last weekend of 2015…it’s not over! Have you decided that you will do certain things in a different way in 2016? Do you have a plan? Will you make some necessary adjustments? I hear you thinking, ‘Like what?’ My answer: YOU KNOW!

One cheap mlb jerseys of my plans for 2015 was to study the book of John in an in-depth way. (If you know me, you know I am an Old Testament girl. I’m trying to get balance!) I got books and resources, but didn’t finish. Yet, a month and a wholesale jerseys half ago, I started up again. Why? A new approach. My old way was to lament about what I didn’t finish and then “try” to do better next year. This new dich!!! approach came from something my Christian therapist told me years ago. In so many words she said, ‘The way you clear the clutter from your mind to move on to new things God inspires you to do is to list some of the major instructions that you haven’t completed. Start there. See what’s still on the table and get those wholesale mlb jerseys done/started.’ So a couple months ago, that’s what I did. I made yet another list. And I’m going for it, because some of those instructions are still valid and necessary for my NEXT steps.

Now what does this have to do with opening your gifts all year, you ask? EVERYTHING. The reason it became important for me to clean that slate of instructions from God is that keeping them in the back of my mind was affecting my everyday life. I was subconsciously thinking of myself as someone who’s unreliable and doesn’t finish things. So, I would take on tasks that weren’t bad, but they were distractions from what I SHOULD have been doing. Why? To demonstrate that I could finish what I “Prenatal” started. The problem – I began trying to prove something…that no one was asking me to prove. And I was continuing an unhealthy cycle rather than getting healed and living whole.

However, Dr. Graham had given me a gift. She truthfully shared a place where I was missing it, and provided a solution on how to fix it. No matter how hard it seemed, change was up to me. I had to open up to leaders and mentors and be transparent. As I became deliberate about change (getting healed), opportunities to use my gifts opened up (becoming whole). How is that? For me, wholeness comes when I’m walking in my purpose and wholesale mlb jerseys using my gifts every day as a part of my worship lifestyle to God. (Believe me, it looks way more normal than it sounds!) It makes my work relationships better. It makes my friendships easier and more fruitful. It brings joy to my marriage. And it started with me Drafting embracing and acting on the gift of truth someone gave me no matter how hard.

But that’s me. Do you have some change on the horizon that would benefit your health and wholeness and improve your life? Has someone gifted you with truth that you haven’t quite been able to open yet? Decide that in 2016, you will be healed and stop making people pay for bruises they didn’t cause. Do what feels uncomfortable to you for the sake of your relationships. Open your gifts (truth shared by others), so you can open your (God-given) gifts. Soon! The world needs your gifts, but you share them best when you’re whole.

When Jesus saw him lie, and knew that he had been now a long time in that case, he saith unto him, cheap nba jerseys Wilt thou be made whole?  John Music 5:6 KJV

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