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We’re near the end of the first quarter. Are things looking a lot like they did at the end of the year? Do your goals seem out of your reach? We weren’t created to do it all alone. If a team approach appeals to you, there are some things you should consider before you begin:

  1. What’s been keeping me from reaching my goals?
    Have you inadvertently put your dreams on hold for a relationship or due to a life circumstance? Waiting for things to be better or just right is often a procrastination fantasy keeping us stuck. Waiting for the ideal is not a guarantee of success and may actually add unnecessary stress. You should be taking steps toward your biggest goals, no matter what. If the years have been rolling by and your purpose  continues to tug at you, will you keep pushing it away?
  2. Who knows about my dreams?
    It took me years to realize that it’s quite a display of pride to think I can do everything on my own. Granted, every dream you have isn’t for public consumption. But, to keep all your dreams and ideas secret (especially due to fear) is not wise or productive. It’s the very reason many of my so-called brilliant ideas now reside in dream cemetery! If you’re going to try a team approach, it will require you to let your guard down. Choose wisely, but don’t miss out.
  3. How do I define success?
    People of different backgrounds and experiences often have different ways of looking at things and of defining success. If you’re going to be part of a team, you may need to open up to different definitions of success. Additionally, having people you trust to tell you the truth is vital. That way, if you have set your bar of faith low because of fear or intimidation, expect a true friend/team member to call you out for playing it too safe!

A team is helpful when outside influences or circumstances come to challenge your progress. But how exactly does the draft happen?

First, don’t fall into the trap of choosing people who are exactly like you. Diversity is good and helps bring freshness to dry ideas.

Second, it isn’t necessary to choose your entire team right away. Take time to seek out the right people and spend time getting to know them.

Lastly, assertion is good, but aggression and control are not. Beware of people who only want you to do YOUR dream THEIR way. Choose team members who are firm in conviction and commitment, but flexible in their approach.

We all know that it’s so easy to put life on hold when it comes to our dreams. A team can make all the difference. They help you remember to work on your dream in between making everyone else’s lives run smoothly. Teams also help push you to learn and grow. Don’t punish those sent to challenge you. Allow your team to nudge you in new directions. Finish your first quarter strong!

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