Want to write a book? You MUST.

Everyone’s writing books these days.

Maybe so.

However, you could also miss out on numerous opportunities if you don’t write YOURS. Here are just a few reasons why you should DEFINITELY consider writing your story:

  1. Writing your story helps you gain proper perspective.
    When we tell a story to our friends, we have a tendency to lean blame away from ourselves for whatever happened. It’s a natural response. Nothing to be ashamed of. And depending on the friend, you may get away with it. Books are different. There’s something about writing for an audience that makes you look again. Even if you weren’t at fault, writing down the details can make space for you to see things you could’ve done differently. Perhaps not to prevent the occurrence, but to move through it in another way.
  2. Writing your story aids in healing.
    Unfortunately, certain traumas take time and processing to overcome. Due to the very nature of trauma, processing usually means recalling and recounting, which can trigger negative responses. Therefore, writing before processing through some of those responses with a professional may not be wise. However, once there’s been some healing in the area of the trauma, my experience has been that writing it opens an opportunity to “own” the narrative in a way that removes power from the tormentor. Also, it’s healing to be able to write the victorious ending to an event that intended to destroy your potential.
  3. Writing your story “opens the curtains” and lets light in.
    You may have had a perfectly fine upbringing and your story could be all sunshine, rainbows and roses. For many of us, that wasn’t the case. Without you, someone going through something similar to what you endured may not know they can make it. Or, that they aren’t the only one. Tell your story to shine light on issues that no one’s talking about. Redeem the issues by narrating from a place of victory with a map on how others can overcome also.
  4. Writing your story can serve to encourage you in the future.
    Listen. As much as we want to be helpers in the earth, many times, we need to write just for us. What you endured may be tied to something traveling down your family line, or may be a message that you’re meant to live and tell. My book still serves as encouragement in the very areas I’ve already overcome! People, places and situations will come to test you (especially if you think you’ve arrived). You may need to read your own book for encouragement.
  5. Writing your story can help you gain wisdom and insight.
    This one is huge. Once I started writing Soul Training, I didn’t realize how much I’d learned. Once I attempted to put it into words, God downloaded wisdom and insight I didn’t have at the time, and hadn’t realized even after being out of the situation. Without taking the time to write my story, I may never have seen the things I see now. Additionally, writing this story also positioned me for downloads in other areas of my life that will serve as the foundation for future books. While I don’t know everything, I know what I know and I allow God to fill in any blanks.

There are tons more reasons for you to write your story. You probably know you should and the next step for you is to simply conquer the fear and get busy.

Have questions on how to get started? Email me at info@lifewithlisae.com and ask about my free story coaching worksheet!

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