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I was honored to speak to a group of women recently. The room was diverse as it related to demographics, but when I asked who in the room had ever been called “ugly,” I learned many of us had one thing in common.

With eyes closed, hands went up quickly. I went on to ask who’d ever been called “beautiful” and many raised their hands as well, albeit a bit slower. And to the question of which memory was more vivid and came to mind quickly, most admitted it was the memory of being called ugly. Unfortunately, our souls seem to connect most with what we perceive about ourselves, especially negative perceptions.

Why are we so quick to dismiss the compliments that align more closely with what God says about us? It’s a question of IMAGE.

Genesis 1:27 says we were created in His image. There, the word image means likeness or resemblance. To me, that says we’re designed with all the traits and attributes that result from His DNA, but we’re all able to express it differently. However, when we don’t fully embrace our connection to His image and what that means, then identifying with our beauty (in Him) is also going to prove difficult.

So, how do we address that issue? One way is to return to the origin. Go back to where it all began. My favorite way of doing this is by asking questions.

  1. Who told you that you weren’t beautiful?
    Remember when I asked the ladies about being called ugly and beautiful and they went back to that time? Well, I’m asking you to do the same. Make up your mind right now that you’re going to rewind your mind to that moment, hopefully for the last time. Feel it once more. Now, ball it up like a piece of paper and throw it away. I know it sounds absurd, but you can do it!
  2. What did God say?
    There are an abundance of scriptures that confirm what God thinks of us. If it weren’t enough to be created in His image, know that we are ‘fearfully and wonderfully made.  What exactly does that mean? The word “fearfully” there means  ‘with reverence, honor, respect, awe.’ Being wonderfully made is to be distinct, separate and distinguished from others. Those are the things that were on His mind when He created you — His workmanship (Ephesians 2:6).

    It’s as if God were saying, ‘This is who I want. I am in awe of everything she’s going to be inside and out. But, I want her to be distinct and separate, distinguished from anybody else.’  That’s fearfully and wonderfully made.

  3. Why not?
    Let’s also be practical in our approach. This is about changing a mindset many of us held onto for years. So sometimes we may not always feel we’re made fearfully and wonderfully in His image. In those moments, we have a decision to make. Either take on what our feelings are suggesting, or ask, Why not? Do it the toddler way. For every answer you give that’s contrary to what God says and leans toward your feelings, challenge it.

Don’t think you’re beautiful? Why not?

Don’t feel good enough? Why not?

And so on.

Make up your mind to draw a line in the sand. As we approach the last month in 2018, decide that 2019 will be a year of embracing the truth about who you are. Bottom line: you are AMAZING!


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