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This year I decided to not just WRITE, but get it RIGHT.

For years I wrote, but I didn’t finish much. This year I made investments of seminars, a conference and a coach to improve my writing process and product. Now, my goal is to help others – that means YOU – make similar investments for the benefit of your writing goals.

Dr. Vernetta Williams (Meet Dr. V) is an author, writing coach and editor.


She’s also an accomplished speaker who share vital tips on the writing process and has written a book to help graduate writers adjust.


What is Start to Finish?

In this workshop, Dr. V will cover Step 2 of the Writing Process: DRAFTING! Get tips and tools on:

– How to Draft Your Ideas Properly
– Book Decisions to Consider During the Drafting Phase

Have a story to tell? This workshop can help build your writing confidence. The process and best practices that can help you advance your writing projects are within your reach!

 You don’t want to miss it!

October 22nd @ 10 am at 8223 N. Florida Avenue, Tampa (World Champions Church)
Investment: $35

Buy your ticket here:

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One thought on “Start to Finish Writers’ Workshop


    Good morning, Lisa,

    I’m looking forward to this workshop! Although I was registered for the first, repair needs at my home precluded me from being able to attend. Looking forward to meeting you and gleaning valuable insight.

    Warmest regards,