Who Signs Your Permission Slips?

I had an early career as a forger. My forgetfulness made it “necessary” for me to sign my mother’s name on field trip permission slips.

Or, maybe it was the detentions. Can’t remember if I started signing permission slips or detentions first. Nevertheless, I made sure they were signed. Pretty slick, huh?

Then, somewhere on the road to adulthood, missed opportunities became my norm. My life shifted into neutral, by my own hand. I forgot about signing those slips.

I began initiating performances to gain entry into circles or in hopes of being asked to stay. Asking for permission to be present. Permission to laugh and be joyful. Permission to be loved.

No longer was I the one signing, giving authorization to do what was before me. I handed over all my power to other people. I hoped granting them power over me would guarantee their presence. In time, I was requesting permission to be whole.

Sound familiar?

Can you remember living just for you? Being free to learn and do whatever you wanted? Sometimes, having no one else to focus on or look out for makes us selfish. Other times, having others to care for makes us forget about ourselves. To be whole and balanced takes effort. I think we could achieve that balance using an adult version of permission slips.

What might that look like? Well, in the word “permit,” per- means ‘through’ and mit is to ‘send’ or ‘let go.’ In other words, signing a permission slip can be the gateway to getting unstuck. Permission hinges on what’s sent through you. And what you “let” go through you.

So, what will you allow in your future? Will you revive your dreams, take your ideas off “pause,” and move forward? Remember the project that used to wake you up without an alarm clock, or keep you awake long after most were asleep? As this year comes to a close, it’s a great time to soul search and become reacquainted with your purpose.

When you close your eyes, can you still see who you wanted to be? Perhaps a friend or a family member is locked into routine and having trouble remembering the thoughts and plans of the little girl she once was. Don’t let another day go by. Write a permission slip. Write several! Make a decision to sign each one.

Finish this year strong by giving yourself permission to do what you were created to do.

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