Thinking Back on Old Friends

Ever wonder how an old friend is doing?

Don’t worry, this isn’t an age thing. It’s a proximity thing. In life, we move around and sometimes lose touch when we don’t mean to. I lost touch with Corey Blank. (Yes, that was her last name.)

I was almost the last girl to arrive at Corey’s slumber party. Let the night of forts, ghost stories, cheddar flavored popcorn, and movies begin! Corey, Kelly, and Wendy couldn’t believe I’d never seen Bedknobs and Broomsticks. (It was okay. I think I fell asleep.) But Grease? I was enthralled. I couldn’t wait for high school! (Don’t judge me, lol.)

As much fun as we had that weekend, an incident partially spoils the memory. Corey’s house was less than a 5 minute drive from where I lived and I’d been to her home more than once. On Saturday morning, her parents suggested we head outside. There were a couple of bikes in the garage, so while her parents did some yard work, we played and took turns riding the bike up and down their tree lined street.

Not sure any parental pep talk could’ve prepared me for what someone yelled out of the window. While the homes all resembled the one I happened to be visiting, obviously, something different lived inside of at least one. An opinion that I represented something other than an innocent child who deserved to ride a bike and play in that neighborhood with friends who didn’t happen to look like her.

I raced back to the house, rode the bike all the way into the garage, threw it down and ran in the house. Hoping to hide out and forget it ever happened, I grabbed some snacks from the kitchen, and went into the basement to watch TV. When I didn’t come back out after a while, Corey’s came in.

Sitting on either side of me, they eased me into telling them the story. I begged them to let it go, but they wouldn’t. They went door to door, though I don’t recall anyone admitting to it. They were so embarrassed to have to explain the situation to my mother. She thanked them for taking care of me, ensuring my safety, and trying to find out who did it.

Corey and I remained friends and I still went to her birthday parties from time to time, but we lost touch after high school. I saw her mom one summer when I was home from college and she said Corey was married and a mom. I couldn’t believe it!

I wish I knew where she was today so I could say hello. Whenever I watch Grease, I still think of hanging in her basement. And I’ll always remember how her parents nurtured me and handled a situation that could’ve scarred me for life.

So, if you know Corey, maiden name Blank, tell her Lisa says hello!

What old friend did this story bring to mind for you?

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