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When you’re preparing for a trip and plan to stay at a hotel, two pieces of key information contribute to the logistics of your trip:

What time is check-in?

What time is check-out?

Whether traveling by plane, train or automobile, your accommodations aren’t complete unless you have somewhere to refresh and regroup. You check-in at a hotel so you can store your belongings and have somewhere familiar to return each day. It also acts as a “hub” to prepare for various encounters you’ll have while you’re away from home.

As a distinguished guest, you want any- and everything you’re entitled to accessible for the duration of your stay. All the amenities and benefits of your suite are yours until you check out. However, before you check-in, they’re just reserved. You have no right to them until you’ve confirmed your intention and taken possession of the room keys. You also don’t have a right to take possession early. You must wait until the established check-in time to occupy your room.

When you do get your keys, you also learn what’s covered under your rate and what may cost extra. A potential extra cost? Staying beyond the agreed upon departure day and time. Or, in other words, not checking out on time.

Why are the check-in and check-out times important? Transition. If you are late checking out, you delay another person’s check-in.

Similarly, God reserved a space for us to occupy our purpose in the earth. As we travel toward that place of purpose, we may hit some turbulence or experience a malfunction. Or, we have to land unexpectedly. Often, we must stay grounded until the path clears, or until the mode of transportation becomes fortified enough to make it through no matter what.

Unfortunately, the battle-weary often end up staying too long in the temporary place. Ask me how I know. Wait. Maybe ask someone else.

How about asking Elijah? In 1 Kings 19 God asks, ‘What are you doing here, Elijah?’ After experiencing a great spiritual victory, fear and opposition compelled Elijah to take up residence in a place that was meant to be temporary. Have you acted similarly? I know I have. Are you hiding from the reminders signaling that it’s time for you to re-engage? Your journey has been on hold, but perhaps it’s time to check-out so you can move forward toward your purpose.

Check-out of what, you ask? Here are a few personal examples:

The paralyzing place of pain and regret. 

The idea that a person, place or thing is the root cause of why you’re stuck.

The mindset that remaining comfortable is better than venturing into the unknown.

It’s time to check-in to your purpose! You wouldn’t want the beginning of a luxurious vacation delayed because of a botched transition. Someone else’s check-in may depend on your checking out of that old, comfortable space. When Elijah checked out, Elisha was able to get moving on his assignment! And like Elisha, God has a reservation with your name on it. Will you resume your journey? Just like God came looking for Elijah, He is looking for you.

If you’ve ever been stuck, you remember how miserable that was. Let’s use the comments to encourage someone that may be hesitant to check out of a comfort zone and move forward…

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