There are two kinds of people in the world — those who investigate the noise coming out of the darkness, and those who run the other direction. The first group is also the ones who are curious to know why a group of people is running “away” from something, The […]

What are you running from?

Once I had a secret admirer. Well, twice, but I’m focusing on the most recent time. The secret gestures ranged from the small and thoughtful to the extravagant, and I had no clue who was behind it all. Even after I found out, I remained in shock. When I wasn’t […]

If Only You Knew

Have you ever taken inventory of all the ways there are to show someone love? I recently attended a 5 Love Languages event where the author, Gary Chapman, expounded on each of the love languages and their importance. Did you know that we can be active in genuinely loving someone […]

One Hundred Ways

Growing up, I was in love with love. I spent my adolescent years thumbing through bridal magazines and living vicariously through every romantic scene I saw on television or read in a book. In high school, I was the biggest flirt in the land, with no clue what to do […]

You, me…and He

I took notice of boys at a pretty young age. At six, I confidently declared whom I was going to marry. Anthony Clark was destined to be mine! Alas, it wasn’t to be. One summer I went to day camp at the park district just outside my neighborhood while my […]

If Loving You is Wrong

Back in the day, when we solved math problems teachers said: “show your work” and there were penalties if you didn’t…even if the answer was correct. It wasn’t that the teachers were mean. They were just more interested in being sure I knew the correct process than me proving how smart […]

Show Your Work

In December I was partially consumed with Christmas movies. As I continued watching them into the new year, I wondered when I became this person. I believe it was during snowy winters in Chicago where my beloved pup and I snuggled on the couch under the covers while frigid winds […]

Grab the reins with your words!

What are you thinking about these days? Is your mind consumed with the latest social media hot topic, or the incredibly long Christmas list facing you? Unfortunately, we don’t often put enough emphasis on what occupies our mind space at any given time. So, related to your future: ‘Is your head […]

Is your head in the game?