Is your head in the game?

What are you thinking about these days? Is your mind consumed with the latest social media hot topic, or the incredibly long Christmas list facing you? Unfortunately, we don’t often put enough emphasis on what occupies our mind space at any given time.

So, related to your future: ‘Is your head in the game?’ Are you guarding against what can creep in and distract you? Recently I experienced a distraction the had me off course for 2 days before I realized it. I traced the origin, but it still took time to decrease the effects the distraction had on my heart and stop the responses coming out of my mouth. However, it all started in my ears.

Although I enjoy writing and connecting with people here on my website, statistics show that most people only retain around 10% of what they read. That said, I’m hoping 50 of these roughly 500 words will stick with you and help you on your quest to accomplish great things.

Getting your head in the game means:

  1. Engage your eyes and ears (preferably on the same focal point).
    To get to the next level, we often have to learn a new skill or way of thinking. In this, the age of webinars and virtual learning, this is easier than ever. Problem is, our tendency to try and multitask. It’s unlikely that we’re good at it, especially since the statistics for recall jump from 10% to 50% if we see and hear. But, there’s more. (Hint: See #2.)
  2. Play on the RIGHT team.
    Depending on what we’re watching and listening to, we may be giving the other team an unfair advantage. If we can retain half of what we see and hear, but 90% of what we choose to watch and listen to pulls us opposite where we want to go, we may as well switch teams! Sure, it’s “just” a television show. However, if most of what we consume isn’t directly in line with our goals, we’ll have to work extra hard to make up!
  3. If you’re serious, then it IS that serious.
    When I’ve had these conversations in the past, I often heard: It’s not that serious. Well, it’s not that serious…unless it is. From where I sit, most of the folks who are doing what I want to do, or who I’m paying to teach me what they know, don’t watch television. Or, they watch very little. That’s not my testimony yet. Not too long ago, I nearly dared my husband to cut the cable service. While I can’t watch all the shows I want, the digital recorder keeps me connected to my favorites.

You may be asking, What’s the big deal? The big deal is, our thoughts eventually come out in our speech. So, getting my head in the game will help guide my speech. And since my words have the power to create my future, my thoughts  – those things I give priority to in my heart and mind – are a very big deal!

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