What are you running from? 2

There are two kinds of people in the world — those who investigate the noise coming out of the darkness, and those who run the other direction. The first group is also the ones who are curious to know why a group of people is running “away” from something, The second group trusts that there’s a reason to vacate the premises and figures any questions can be asked and answered later.

I’m in the second group on both counts.

Good news is, while I may run from a perceived threat, I’m not still running from myself and trying to escape a past that would love to hold me hostage. I’ve chosen to embrace my journey and who it formed me to be. I gave up allowing comparison to chase me into a corner and letting mistakes force me into hiding. These days, I take more risks and look for more opportunities to stretch out. I own my missteps and make sincere efforts not to be a repeat offender. 

What changed? Honestly, turning 40 was a huge part of the shift. I took the adage to heart that when a woman turns 40, she cares less and less what people think. While it didn’t work like a magic pill, I found value in focusing more on my better qualities than my shortcomings. As far as mistakes, they’re inevitable and by definition, not done on purpose. It’s easier to be intentional about fixing them than wearing myself out trying to dodge their aftermath.

Secondly, I stopped running because I reached a point where the truth of the scriptures became louder than any negativity around me. That’s when I knew I’d reached an emotional level where I could handle sharing my life lessons in writing. My story is what it is, and the ending is afar off. What happened “back then” doesn’t have to have any bearing on my today unless I allow it.

Many times we play it safe by running from our biggest dreams and deepest desires. Kind of like running from a threat you don’t know exists. We ask, ‘What if they don’t like it?’ without considering that God created an audience for each of us. And even if we don’t get to hear thunderous applause, we have an audience of One who is pleased to get to shine through us. We may not all have throngs of fans, but there is a space for the things that God placed inside of us, and He desires to see us produce! Otherwise, He wouldn’t have put them there.

Decide today that whatever you long to do, if you believe you have the gift and talent to do it, pursue. Don’t be like one who runs when no one is chasing you. Step out onto your stage, whatever that looks like, and be great. After all, you only live once!

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