Drafting Your Team

WHAT’S THIS? It’s about drafting your “team” for 2016! Are there things you want to accomplish that seem out of your reach? We weren’t created my to do it all…alone. Ask yourself:

  • Who can I share my dream with?
  • What’s my carrot? (Carrot = the idea/goal being cheap jerseys dangled in front of me & seems out of reach)
  • Who can hold me accountable? CORRECT me?
  • Who is mentoring me? Who am I mentoring?

Let’s shake things up and ask God to help us identify our DreamTeam!

Three things came to me when I thought about getting a group of ladies together to strategically plan for 2016. These things were birthed from my current binnen circumstance, my testimony, and what I believe God would use me to share. So, this is meant for ANYONE to use as you get together your #DREAMTEAM2016 and beyond!

  1. What’s your sacrifice?
    In the pursuit of our dreams, it’s important that we don’t sacrifice our lives or put our dreams on hold for a relationship or due to a circumstance. Waiting for things to be “better” or “just right” with a person or in a situation is often a procrastination fantasy which keeps us stuck. Waiting for the ideal is not a guarantee of success…in any area. More often, it may actually strain that area unnecessarily. Why? Because your God-given purpose – sometimes evidenced by your dreams – often serves your relationships. The work in pursuing what He wants for your life helps make you. It helps build your faith (because His dreams are bigger than yours!); your walk (because it involves more than you, hence your jerseys “team”); and your character (who you are when things get rough). Without that work, it’s possible that an important piece of your development doesn’t happen! Be assured, the years will roll by and your purpose will continue to tug at you. Will you continue to push it away?
  2. Who knows your secrets?
    It took me years to realize that it’s quite a display of pride to think I can do it all on my own. I now have a scripture to keep me grounded in this area: Proverbs 18:1, A man who isolates himself seeks his own desire; he rages against all wise judgment. Granted, every heart’s desire or dream you have is not for public consumption. But, to keep all your dreams and ideas secret (especially due to fear) is not wise…or productive. It’s the very reason many of my so-called brilliant ideas now reside in the valley of dry bones – also known as the dream cemetery! However, God gave me another chance in my transition to Florida, where I only knew one or two people besides my husband. NEWSFLASH: wholesale jerseys China You need friends other than your mate! And more often, they need friends besides you! Men need to be sharpened by their friends because other men know how men think and how to inspire them to change. Our way of communicating & inspiring may work really well in groups of women, but men are (thankfully) different. We need to inspire each other in ways that only women can, to help us be sharpened and grow. So, relinquish your secrets when you and God identify your sisters in the journey. Let your guard down and trust God for the friends of your dreams. Literally! Choose wisely, but don’t miss out. Choose your team!
  3. What’s your definition of success?
    There is sometimes a misconception that your definition of success and mine are identical. The reality is, if I’m called to encourage you in an area, I’m responsible for adopting YOUR definition of success in that area. Watch out cheap nba jerseys for people who only want you to do YOUR dream THEIR way. Their motives are often not malicious, but can be counterproductive. That’s why it can helpful if you have diversity on your team – people of different backgrounds and experiences often have different ways of looking at things. Additionally, having people you trust to tell you the truth is vital. That потолках way, if you have set your bar of faith low because of fear or intimidation, you don’t expect a true friend/team member to go there with you! I’m generally grateful (later, lol) when my friends call me out for playing it too safe. I have a Lysa TerKeurst quote on my vision plan that reminds me of that tendency and what it really means. She said, “If I’m going to call myself a person of faith, I need to be willing to live a life that actually requires faith.” In your area of success, your team is there when outside influences or circumstances come to challenge your progress AND your thinking!

We all know that it’s so easy to put life on hold when it comes to our dreams. But we can multitask and juggle to take care of everyone else! Let this new year be different. Between your days making everyone else’s lives run smoothly, work on your dream and build your success. No matter what seems to be missing – LIVE. You can do more wholesale jerseys China than one thing at a time. Work and live. Dream and pray. Push yourself to learn and grow. Don’t punish those sent to challenge you by getting angry and pushing them away. Allow your team to nudge you in new directions. Make it a truly “new” year!

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