We set goals at the start of the year, and even if we pursued them, many of us missed a step. Self-evaluation. Yet, as the new year approaches we’re focusing on setting new goals, making new plans, and even buying planners and productivity tools. A few weeks ago I discovered […]

Check Your STATS

I’m a lover of many things “old school.” I watch old school shows and listen primarily to old school music. And I don’t mean just the 80’s “old school.” I mean, old school. See, back in the day my mother used to have these things called “card parties.” You may […]

Old School…Music

Once I hit adulthood, I wasn’t a big holiday gatherer. I hid around the holidays with a plate or two from friends, my favorite snacks, and…marathons. Remember those? These days marathons still happen, but they’re much less popular than binge watching, where you can choose your marathon. Log on, do […]

Old School…Television