Recently I spent nearly 35 hours traveling in a car over the course of 3 days. I generally don’t mind road trips, but this was more time in a car in a short time than I’d ever done. Oddly enough, despite fatigue and stiffness, the bulk of my frustration came […]

Move Over or Go with the Flow!

When’s the last time you gave yourself a little pat on the back and said: Good job? My most recent post encouraged you to press release on your gifts and accomplishments. That may seem strange if you don’t fully recognize your achievements as such. I used to be the same way […]

Good Job

What’s holding up your press conference? Sure, a press conference is an interview to make a major announcement or answer questions about a recent or upcoming event. And typically, folks who hold press conferences are prominent. Well, have you forgotten? God told Abram, I will make your name great. Do […]

Time to Press RELEASE