Well, are you? Fortified in prayer, that is. Staying ahead of the game. Not allowing so much time to pass that prayer that seems foreign. Somehow, the longer we go without prayer, the harder it is to start again. Hence, the reason folks used to encourage each other to make […]

Are you prayed up?

In corporate America, year-end reviews are upon us. Aren’t they your favorite? Not. Here’s the thing. We love to get on social media and share our best pictures, highlights of life’s celebrations, and details about our worst days. Furthermore, we welcome comments on things we share from friends, foes, and […]

Check Yourself

I hope you feel better. When someone says they are under the weather in some way, or just not feeling themselves, we do hope they feel better. But is that the best we can do? Sure, we don’t want to downplay their feelings. We want to express an acknowledgement of […]

Language of Healing

As a little girl, I was pretty insecure. Nearly every day some form of comparison or ranking made decisions for me about what I dared hope for. In novels, I read about love and happy endings. But my home didn’t resemble the traditional family that usually reaped those happy rewards. […]

Doing the Most

Today, I’m here to discourage you. Yes, you. And no, I’m not having a bad day. But, I had one last week. And the week before that. And sometimes, rather than allow a mood to just “be” until the moment passes, I bulldoze my way through. Assuming it’s just a […]

Possess the Process

I hope you can forgive my attempt at throwback slang. I should know better. It’s not even Thursday! Nevertheless… Over the years, I’ve noticed the different ways children approach their parents to make their requests known. When a child believes they already know the answer is “no,” they come with […]

Why you buggin’?

Recently, my hair stylist canceled my appointment because she was sick. I’d planned to leave early to get there, but just as I prepared to head out, I got a call. The receptionist relayed the message that my stylist had a virus and wanted me to come the next morning. […]

Lessons from Bad Hair Days

Ever listened closely to the voice that comes after your inner critic finishes waxing eloquent about all the things you’re “not” and “can’t do?” Have you picked up on the lies of your negative self-talk? Or those of negative people sharing their controversial two cents? Are you able to pick […]

Make Your Mark