Back in the day, when we solved math problems teachers said: “show your work” and there were penalties if you didn’t…even if the answer was correct. It wasn’t that the teachers were mean. They were just more interested in being sure I knew the correct process than me proving how smart […]

Show Your Work

In December I was partially consumed with Christmas movies. As I continued watching them into the new year, I wondered when I became this person. I believe it was during snowy winters in Chicago where my beloved pup and I snuggled on the couch under the covers while frigid winds […]

Grab the reins with your words!

What are you thinking about these days? Is your mind consumed with the latest social media hot topic, or the incredibly long Christmas list facing you? Unfortunately, we don’t often put enough emphasis on what occupies our mind space at any given time. So, related to your future: ‘Is your head […]

Is your head in the game?

I don’t have enough fingers and toes to count the number of times I didn’t fit in.  School.  Playground.  Workplace.  Church. What did they all have in common? One, that I thought the feeling would last forever. Two, it didn’t. My earliest memory of not fitting in was at the […]

Doesn’t seem to fit…force it?