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Have you ever cried tears over a dream deferred? I have. I’ve shed many heartbreaking tears over visions I have for my life that remain outside my reach. I’m filled with overwhelm just writing this. I’ve wondered at times if I’ve done something wrong. Did I go to the wrong college? Move to the wrong city? Did I stop when I was supposed to go? My feet are moving, yet I’m standing still.

One night at church the pastor spoke from what would soon become one of my favorite bible verses. Habakkuk 2:3. “”For the vision is yet for the appointed time; It hastens toward the goal and it will not fail. Though it tarries, wait for it; For it will certainly come. It will not be late.” I had never heard this verse before. It touched my soul.

Wait for it.

When did we develop such a love/hate relationship with our goals? We treat them like hot potatoes. As soon as we catch a glimpse of the vision we have to hurry up and get it. We jump from goal to goal because we’re not accomplishing them fast enough. We keep giving up. Or we allow ourselves to become heartbroken, bitter, and depressed because we’re not where we want to be right this second.

I have definitely had my share of failed attempts at various goals. I start and then quit just to start again. Each time with more resolve than the last to see things out. The truth is I’ve treated the vision like a one night stand instead of a long term commitment.

It will certainly come.

Oh, the frustration I could have saved myself from if I rested in this truth. The truth that it will certainly come. If it didn’t come fast enough I doubted that it was even coming at all. That’s what hurt the most – wanting something I could never have.

I remember traveling from Lexington, KY to Tallahassee, FL when I was in college. I had a layover in Atlanta. There must have been weather issues, because I missed my connecting flight. I was placed on standby for two or three different flights only to not get a seat. I was frustrated, mad, and crying. I had been there for hours and I just wanted to get to my destination.

Finally, my name was called for a seat. My mood instantly lifted. My demeanor changed. The tears dried up. I was going home. The plane was not there yet, but I knew it was certainly coming and I would be on it. There’s a difference in waiting on something to come and knowing that it will certainly be there.

It will not be late.

I’ve learned to wait expectedly for my vision while still enjoying the present. Having a vision in and of itself is a blessing. Many people don’t. Some people can’t see past their current circumstances. To them what is is what will always be. Not me. I have vision. This blessing doesn’t have to be a burden anymore. Instead I’ve learned to romance my vision. I’m getting to know her intimately. I’m falling in love with her and I’m preparing for her arrival daily knowing she will not be late.

Your vision whatever it may be has an appointed time. Though it delays wait for it. Your goals and dreams will certainly come if you stick with it. They will not be late.

Charlene Dior is the Love Your Life coach. Charlene specializes in self-awareness and authenticity. She is certified as a self-hypnosis and mindfulness meditation instructor. Her passion is helping others find their true selves and live their best life. Her motto is “Be Really You”. For more tips, guided meditations, and coaching visit

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