“People think you’re so sweet, but I know the truth.” When my ex said these words, I knew they weren’t true. But momentarily there was something resembling comfort in the idea that instead of being outright rejected by him, I just needed to “do better.” I preferred self-rejection. Unfortunately, a […]

5 Tips to Transform Your Story

What is The S.P.A. Experience? A time to share, pray, and affirm our own gifts and the gifts in others. We will enjoy a time of worship with the OUTSTANDING, LaRue Howard! We will also have food, group activities, and a dynamic speaker: Minister Amanda Hurst as she shares her journey: from Broken to Open […]

The S.P.A. Experience is BACK…and bigger!

Since moving to Florida, I’m exposed to species of critters I didn’t care to know existed. Think you’ve seen mosquitoes? Florida mosquitoes are on another level. There are turtles that can fit in the palm of my hand, to those bigger than I could’ve imagined.   I also consider the […]

You see me, or nah?