It doesn’t pay to rest-LESS! 3

A couple weeks ago, we enjoyed The SPA Experience 2017. Were you there? The turnout and the God encounter was more than I imagined! Overwhelmed and grateful, I think I cried off and on for 2 days after it was over.

As with most of us as we get close to an important event, I was staying up late working on odds & ends. By nature, I tend to shy away from asking for help. While some people have no trouble delegating responsibility, my delegation game is NOT strong. In all my so-called multi-tasking, I ended up shaking loose my sleep schedule, My nights got later and later, partially because my hands and brain wouldn’t release my death grip on the to-do list.

Getting less sleep while working on a major project or planning for a major event is normal, right? It’s easy to toss aside the idea that a short-term sleep famine is harmless. However, I couldn’t ignore severe headaches and restless nights persisting before and for days after the event. With cloudy thinking, tasks that usually took 20 minutes took at least double the time. Or, if I got them done timely, they weren’t done well.

Why share this with you? For one, it’s the reason I only published here twice last month. I couldn’t think my way through something meaningful that wouldn’t waste your time. Secondly, I believe many of you are like me. Driven by desire for excellence; helpers, determined to see your own dreams come true, assisting others going after theirs. My question: are you RESTING? In recent weeks I learned a new way to waste time – by resting less. I also discovered how easy it is not to do my best: rest less.

It’s no secret that a lack of sleep can be dangerous. Falling asleep behind the wheel, for example. But when the danger enters silently, threatening your health, productivity and even your relationships, you may realize the danger too late.

So what can we do? For starters, I made a decision to slow down in May. This month, I will rest and replenish. I don’t run out of the door at every call. All those days of running fast, but moving slow, left me with a long list of unfinished work, painful headaches and not the best attitude. So, this week I played catch up at my 9 to 5. I worked well beyond 5, but then opened a book or turned on the television. Next week, I’m taking a day away.

I encourage you to make an effort to check in on your rest. If you have a partner or close friend to ask, that’s a great place to start. They can attest to your attitude, or remind you how many days in a row you’ve complained of a headache. Or, check your FitBit or other device. Mine told me that I’ve only been sleeping 4-6 hours a night for weeks. Here and there, my body gives out on a Sunday and I clock 8 or 9 because of a midday nap that won’t wait. Unacceptable.

This month is Mother’s Day. If you’re a Mom, it’s likely many of your naps & other needs have taken a back seat. This month, give yourself a break. Take the nap. Can’t do it at home? Get a hold of a babysitter and a travel discount app and find yourself a room. You’re worth it!

And if SuperMom isn’t your nickname, maybe Superwoman is. This month, give it a rest. Research shows that taking vacation and down time makes us more productive. I’m resting in May, so I can CRUSH this summer, without work habits crushing me or my relationships with family and friends.

So, what’s it gonna be? I vote for being intentional; unplug for a moment or two so you can be your best you!

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3 thoughts on “It doesn’t pay to rest-LESS!

  • Deborah PIckett

    Thank you for the reminder, Lisa! I have had a grueling last few months, and I found some time this weekend to just rest- resisting the urge to be busy with other things.

    • Lisa E Williams Post author

      Soooo tough! And it seems that even though we do so little “chilling out,” we still manage to feel guilty and have to battle that pull toward ‘busy.’ Glad to know I’m not alone!