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What’s holding up your press conference?

Sure, a press conference is an interview to make a major announcement or answer questions about a recent or upcoming event. And typically, folks who hold press conferences are prominent. Well, have you forgotten? God told Abram,

I will make your name great.

Do you believe that can also apply to you? Are you connected and in relationship with the “He” of that statement? If so, your expectation should line up with what He desires to share with you in the relationship. After all, the ultimate goal is for you to be a blessing and for Him to be glorified (celebrated). My mentor often corrects my thinking and reminds me how my connection to God is both the basis and fuel for my creative ideas, not my intellect. That removes the notion that I am the originator of the idea, and therefore, responsible for its execution.

When I put Him back into the driver seat, poof! He’s Author and Finisher. And I’m grateful to get to facilitate!

So what are you holding onto, thinking that you “can’t” or “shouldn’t” simply because of the attention you’ll receive? In the writing and speaking arena, there’s a lot of talk about platform. I read an amazing article a few weeks ago and decided to serve the platform I have today, in excellence, as if it’s the only platform I’ll ever have. Period. Why? Because as the platform shrinks or grows, my responsibilities to it remain the same. My purpose is to be a conduit between Him and my audience. To do so, I have a responsibility to stand confidently in that space.

That said, it’s time for many of us to have a press release. Before a press conference or major event, the host or a publicist may send out a press release. Granted, drafting and sharing a press release doesn’t guarantee that the news media will pick it up. But it does acknowledge that you realize something newsworthy that others may need to know about is happening. I think that’s an accurate metaphor for moving forward to using our gifts to make Him great. You must decide to press “release.” When we aren’t completely sold on the idea that God can use us for His purpose, we often hide from the spotlight. However,, the best way to let the world know how He’s equipped us is to press RELEASE!

Testimonies take time and effort to navigate. Are you ready to allow your wholeness to be on display? Only you can press release. Ask yourself if your “release” from the presspressure, depression, oppression – is worth an announcement. Mine was! Why? Because I could never have navigated this road alone. Therefore, sharing my story invites you to celebrate HIM!

Has he used your journey or story to introduce you, while pointing people to Him? I’d love to hear about it and I’m sure my readers would, too! Please share in the comments.

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4 thoughts on “Time to Press RELEASE

  • Felicity Joy Solomon

    I’m not even sure who to send my press release to…but if I PRESS my fingers on the keyboard, I’m sure God will RELEASE to me the information of who I need to send it to!!! Is. 1:19

  • QuaWanna Bannarbie

    Thank you, Lisa, for this message and call to action. It is not just a coincidence that your post was from June though I read it in November. I started my blog in JUN of 2016 and I just began to hear God as to the direction He wants me to take with my “messaging ministry”. I kept trying to package my “brand” in something I thought “would sell”. But I now realize my message is what He placed in my heart years before I even knew what a blog was or wanted a platform. So, now that I am learning what it really means to be HIS HEIR. I hope to train others on what that means to their families too. Keep me in your prayers and thank you for being obedient to share this word.