Hello, February

Starting fresh

When I was younger I loved going back to school. During the early weeks of the school year, friendships that were on hold during the summer could reconnect. Plus, there was always a new student or two to meet. Add the excitement of new shoes, clothes, backpacks, supplies, and BOYS! Back then it was easy to proclaim, “This is gonna be a GREAT year!”

We generally hold a similar sentiment when the new year hits. However, just as November doesn’t hold the same shine and enthusiasm as September, the new year begins to wear off even faster.

Hello, February

By November, my new school shoes were dirty. My backpack had ripped under the weight of my books. My meticulous book covers were ripped and written on, and though I was learning things, the days weren’t as fun. The excitement of the new school year had worn off. Long gone was the excitement of the beginning.

Kinda like January 1st.

An article on the Business Insider website last year reported that eighty percent of resolutions made in January, fail by the second week in February. Eighty percent is HUGE!

In these, the days of planners and vision boards, many have moved away from resolutions. We set lofty goals, plan to stagger them throughout the year, and come December 31st be a whole new person, or have a new career or side hustle. I’m in this number. And when some of my goals fall by the wayside in February and beyond, I’m sure to pick them up later in the year. Why? For the satisfaction of a “check off.” (Don’t we all love that feeling of crossing something off the list?) To check it off weight loss goals when I have yet to begin in October, though? Probably not going to happen in full, but I can work to get as close as possible!

This year is different

This year started off rough for me and I’m sure I’m not alone. But I’m engaged with a team of people that will eventually help me cross over the bridges that separate my dreams and desires and my ability to follow through. Have you committed to next-level living? Do you know what you’ll need to acquire to hit the next level? It’s likely you’ll need to invest and get some help.

“Put something on it”

I describe myself as an extroverted introvert. In other words, I have strong Lone Ranger tendencies. For me to work on a team, especially with more than one additional person, takes intention, effort, and commitment. This year, I’m stretching myself because I plan to do some things that I’ve failed at, or could’ve done better, then when I tried on my own.

Part of the stretching of gathering a team is that we naturally gravitate to people like us. But sometimes you need people on your team who are the complete opposite of you. My husband is an integral part of my team, yet we’re very different. Though I’ve dreamt of what life would be like if we were more alike, I know I’m fantasizing in the wrong direction. Two of me would be a mess!

How do you connect with people opposite of you?

  • Be intentional.
  • Be prepared to invest.

In other words, ‘put something on it.’

Look at it this way, the path between January and December may not be clear today. By April, you may need to adjust your plan. People you thought would be with you may have different priorities. Or, you may even find that you don’t have the right equipment for the road you’re on, so you need new tools. Nevertheless, remember that your best work is done with a team.

When assembling your team, be willing to sit down with people who are NOT like you. Pick their brain to see how they think. You may find that the ways you’re different actually fit together like a puzzle!

You want a team for practical reasons, too. When your energy slips or your confidence stumbles, your team is the rope that ensures you don’t fall too far.

Your team will be there when it’s all said and done. You’ll want them there when you yell, “I did it!”

Your team will know which achievements warrant a party and make it happen.

And one of the most important reasons? Photos. After you overcome all the obstacles on your journey, you’re gonna want pictures. Your team will ensure that the photos chronicling your best days aren’t all selfies.

Get a team!

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