Heed the Warning!

My name is Lisa and I’m a dog person. I’m just not too crazy about cats. No disrespect. Part of the reason is, I’m allergic. Secondly, cats just don’t do it for me.

However, I was writing at the coffee shop one day and noticed a stray cat outside. The cat wasn’t particularly beautiful, but there was something about the eyes. I couldn’t look away. And despite my allergy, I was drawn to this cat. Off and on, I kept looking out of the window to check on the cat.

When he or she was startled by a patron entering or leaving the coffee shop, I felt for her. In my own way, I began to desire her comfort and safety. The longer I watched her, in my heart, I began to humanize her. I thought she must be lonely. I wondered about her family and if she ever had kittens. (I’m calling it a “her,” but really have no idea. Another thing I like about dogs is how easily I can tell a girl from a boy.) I wondered if she had been a part of a home and wandered away. And most of all, I wondered if she were hungry whether I could help her in some way.

Now, even though I developed a feline concern, does this make me any less allergic? Nope. Despite my concern, I’m still better off keeping my distance from cats. No matter how curious I am, or how much I want to help, it’s to a good idea for me to get too close.

Hmm…so guess what I’m saying is, sometimes we’ll need to possess compassion, yet maintain distance. It wasn’t meant for me to use this opportunity to change my complete position on cats. Had I let my feelings pull me into an emotional decision, I could have 1) placed myself in a difficult or dangerous position; or 2) gotten in the way from the person actually sent to help the cat, who wouldn’t be hindered by the cat’s nature.

Are you getting my drift? So many times, we allow our compassions to override our position about people, places, or things. And we open doors we shouldn’t due to our desire to help in a situation or circumstance. And what makes it dangerous, is that we have certain warnings, similar to allergies, that keep us quarantined when needed. But when our feelings get the best of us? We’ll grab tissues and a Claritin, and with red eyes and a runny nose, insist we’re okay, rather than seek God for a realistic view of our role in a situation.

Is God pulling you away from someone or something, but your emotions keep pulling you toward it? Purpose in your mind to heed the warnings that help you maintain a safe distance. Don’t allow pride to convince you that without you, the problem won’t get fixed.

Don’t get tangled up. Remember Lot’s wife.

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