Check Your STATS

We set goals at the start of the year, and even if we pursued them, many of us missed a step. Self-evaluation. Yet, as the new year approaches we’re focusing on setting new goals, making new plans, and even buying planners and productivity tools. A few weeks ago I discovered a feature I hadn’t used in my 2017 planner. It’s the section where you review progress at the end of each month, listing your wins and how well you executed your processes.

Why is it that we can look at stats from our favorite athletes, but when it comes to consistently evaluating our own plans, processes, and personal execution, we don’t?

No more.

In preparation for a talk I’m giving to a group of entrepreneurs this weekend, I drafted a new way to describe “STATS” and track progress toward our goals. You can find the acronym below. While my set-up was specifically geared toward entrepreneurs, a little tweaking can make it your own! Tailor it to your home, finances, classroom, etc. and check your progress throughout the year. No more scrapping goals in October and figuring you’ll start fresh in January

(NOTE: I shifted these categories a bit from my presentation. I hope you find them useful!)

Once you review the acronym and questions below, I’d love to hear your thoughts about planning, goals, or self-evaluation in the comments.

S – Strategy

Do you have SMART (click for definition) goals with action items, including when you’ll get them done? Every goal needs a plan of attack. If something isn’t working a few weeks or months in, trade for a new process until you discover what works long-term!

T – Training

Do you need to learn something new based on the strategy you chose? Do research; find free training, but also be willing to invest. Be open to new skills, but know what you should do, versus what you should delegate/outsource. You can do this year-round.

A – Attitude

When you’re in authority your demeanor and behavior set the atmosphere and others follow suit. Check your attitude. Are you drawing or repelling people who are relevant to your purpose and goals?  Don’t allow your image to destroy favor and diminish your message!

T – Talk

How do you talk about your business (or finances, job, etc.)? Does it match your everyday conversation? It’s tough to outrun a mismatch or contradiction in your conversation. How do people respond to you? Part of self-evaluation is receiving and responding to feedback.

S – Sacrifice

As you look back on what you learned and earned in 2017, does it match what you hoped? Is there an area you can make a sacrifice of time or money to bring you closer to your goals this coming year?  Make a list of new ways you can contribute to building your legacy throughout the year.

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