I saw Wonder Woman for the third time this weekend. Was it the best movie I’ve ever seen? Nope. However, it has messages that speak loudly into my “today” and those messages keep me coming back for more. My take-away from my latest viewing? Retain your wonder. Looking into the […]

Retain Your Wonder

“People think you’re so sweet, but I know the truth.” When my ex said these words, I knew they weren’t true. But momentarily there was something resembling comfort in the idea that instead of being outright rejected by him, I just needed to “do better.” I preferred self-rejection. Unfortunately, a […]

5 Tips to Transform Your Story

Recently I spent nearly 35 hours traveling in a car over the course of 3 days. I generally don’t mind road trips, but this was more time in a car in a short time than I’d ever done. Oddly enough, despite fatigue and stiffness, the bulk of my frustration came […]

Move Over or Go with the Flow!

When’s the last time you gave yourself a little pat on the back and said: Good job? My most recent post encouraged you to press release on your gifts and accomplishments. That may seem strange if you don’t fully recognize your achievements as such. I used to be the same way […]

Good Job

What’s holding up your press conference? Sure, a press conference is an interview to make a major announcement or answer questions about a recent or upcoming event. And typically, folks who hold press conferences are prominent. Well, have you forgotten? God told Abram, I will make your name great. Do […]

Time to Press RELEASE