What is Soul Training?

Soul Training is the book you’ve been waiting for! Many times, we go through the rigorous emotional process of forgiveness and healing from emotional wounds, and we stop there. While we may find a new outlook after the healing process, we often don’t continue the work to ensure our broken pieces become whole. This book is an example of what it looks like to do that work…the good, the bad, and the WOW!


Every soul has a language. These languages are developed over time, often according to our environment. Similar to the way we adapt to a foreign language simply by being around it, our souls also pick up different dialects. In addition, experiences help cultivate both soul language and life philosophies. And since pain often creeps in with those experiences, emotional wounds also play a part.

What is Soul Training? It’s about what happens after we heal from emotional wounds. It consists of retraining the soul to exhibit new behaviors that will yield the results you want in your life.

Many of Lisa’s old behaviors were derived from fear, pain, and rejection. Then, those behaviors fueled a negative cycle that crippled many of her relationships. Once healed from the pain of her past, Lisa needed new behaviors to bring about a fresh, healthy lifestyle and approach to her relationships. She needed to go beyond the surface and “do the work.” What work? The work of transitioning her soul from healed to whole.

This book chronicles her journey and the role her dog, Hershey, played in her training. In these pages, you’ll find encouragement to look closely at your surroundings. There’s likely a person, place, or animal in your environment that can expand or reshape your thinking in an area of your life and offer you Soul Training.

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