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  • The S.P.A. Experience 2019

    Did you start strong, yet the year isn’t exactly shaping up how you hoped? Concerned that this year may end up being a repeat of last year? You likely need to […]

  • Soul Training Book Signing Party

    Soul Training is circulating around the country and I couldn’t be more thrilled! Here are a few pics from our book signing party.       

Get to Know Lisa E

As much as Lisa loves to laugh, she loves making people laugh even more. Through her messages, she aims to inspire women to see themselves through God’s lens and release the tendency to compare themselves to others.

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  • What did you say?!

    My mother was rarely one to attend theme parks, but an aunt took groups of kids, and we’d spend the day. Midday we’d all trek back to the car to eat our sack lunches, and then we’d venture back to the park to continue our full day of fun, rides, games, and…yummy treats. As a […]

  • What are you running from?

    There are two kinds of people in the world — those who investigate the noise coming out of the darkness, and those who run the other direction. The first group is also the ones who are curious to know why a group of people is running “away” from something, The second group trusts that there’s […]

  • If Only You Knew

    Once I had a secret admirer. Well, twice, but I’m focusing on the most recent time. The secret gestures ranged from the small and thoughtful to the extravagant, and I had no clue who was behind it all. Even after I found out, I remained in shock. When I wasn’t overwhelmed with love and gratitude […]


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"With relationship comes responsibility.
We should endeavor to do well by those who love us."

~ Lisa E. Williams