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  • The S.P.A. Experience is BACK…and bigger!

    What is The S.P.A. Experience? A time to share, pray, and affirm our own gifts and the gifts in others. We will enjoy a time of worship with the OUTSTANDING, LaRue Howard! We will also […]

  • This is the year you FINISH that writing project!

    Are you prepared to finish WELL? No matter if this is your first book or your tenth, you likely have something to learn about REVISING. We have an excellent writing coach to provide you with tools to […]

Get to Know Lisa E

As much as Lisa loves to laugh, she loves making people laugh even more. Through her messages, she aims to inspire women to see themselves through God’s lens and release the tendency to compare themselves to others.

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  • Thinking Back on Old Friends

    Ever wonder how an old friend is doing? Don’t worry, this isn’t an age thing. It’s a proximity thing. In life, we move around and sometimes lose touch when we […]

  • Doing the Most

    As a little girl, I was pretty insecure. Nearly every day some form of comparison or ranking made decisions for me about what I dared hope for. In novels, I […]

  • Possess the Process

    Today, I’m here to discourage you. Yes, you. And no, I’m not having a bad day. But, I had one last week. And the week before that. And sometimes, rather […]


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"With relationship comes responsibility.
We should endeavor to do well by those who love us."

~ Lisa E. Williams