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As much as Lisa loves to laugh, she loves making people laugh even more. Through her messages, she aims to inspire women to see themselves through God’s lens and release the tendency to compare themselves to others.

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  • That time I was JEALOUS

    Ever discovered something that showed a side of you which isn’t as “tidy” as you’d like? Back in the day, my response would’ve been to grab my journal, write out some prayers, or go searching for a book or article to help me work through my issue. No need to share the ugly. Or so […]

  • 4 Things that Vulnerability May Bring

    Social media has nearly erased the desire to hold our business close to the vest. Many people sacrifice secrets on the altar of likes. Going “live” and sharing videos of moments from the private to the hilarious has become second nature. Everything’s not “deep,” but at times, it seems nothing’s sacred. Many of our grandparents […]

  • 3 Puzzle Pieces to Writing a Book You’ve Lived

    My life is pretty interesting. Maybe not remarkable compared to the subjects of viral videos, for instance, but still not shabby. Nevertheless, interest and excitement are relative. So there’s no guarantee that what happened in my life would interest you at all. Still, I wrote a book. And so can you. While many people seem genuinely […]


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"With relationship comes responsibility.
We should endeavor to do well by those who love us."

~ Lisa E. Williams