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As much as Lisa loves to laugh, she loves making people laugh even more. Through her messages, she aims to inspire women to see themselves through God’s lens and release the tendency to compare themselves to others.

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  • Drafting Your Team

    We’re near the end of the first quarter. Are things looking a lot like they did at the end of the year? Do your goals seem out of your reach? […]

  • Living with a Friend Like “Me”

    By my own assessment, my friendship skills were atrocious for years. As proof that God’s grace is a real thing, I have some great friends today. Some may use me […]

  • 5 ways to show WHOLE is your goal

    As a divorcee,  I went through numerous stages after the relationship broke down. Prior to accepting my responsibility in the breakdown, I exhibited a series of behaviors that corresponded to […]


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"With relationship comes responsibility.
We should endeavor to do well by those who love us."

~ Lisa E. Williams