reaching your goals

Perhaps you should reconsider. On vacation in Puerto Rico, the plan was to ring in my 40’s with an adventure. As I made arrangements for waterfall repelling and zip lining, the subject of weight came up. They wanted to know who in our party was over 200 pounds. Oh, that’s […]

Despite What THEY Say

I need momentum for nearly everything except eating. Be it a shower, cleaning, or a workout, it takes work to “keep it moving.” One reason my inertia works that way is because I’ve worked from home for many years. This lifestyle change diminished my morning ritual (and helped increase my […]

Have you lost your FIGHT?!

Growing up, I was a follower. My results ranged from stitches above my eye, spankings, being grounded, lying and underage drinking, to the other end of the spectrum, good grades. Frequently, my need for others’ approval overshadowed what I wanted to do. Can you relate? When I came to know […]

Follow the Leader