I’m never getting married again. Yep, I said it. When my first marriage ended, I said emphatically, “never again.” I wasn’t speaking in the heat of anger, but in the throes of raging despair. The whole situation turned me off marriage “forever.” (Sssh. Don’t tell my husband.) Be that size […]

Do You Ever Say Never?

What is The S.P.A. Experience? A time to share, pray, and affirm our own gifts and the gifts in others. We will enjoy a time of worship with the OUTSTANDING, LaRue Howard! We will also have food, group activities, and a dynamic speaker: Minister Amanda Hurst as she shares her journey: from Broken to Open […]

The S.P.A. Experience is BACK…and bigger!

Growing up, I was a follower. My results ranged from stitches above my eye, spankings, being grounded, lying and underage drinking, to the other end of the spectrum, good grades. Frequently, my need for others’ approval overshadowed what I wanted to do. Can you relate? When I came to know […]

Follow the Leader