I hope you feel better. When someone says they are under the weather in some way, or just not feeling themselves, we do hope they feel better. But is that the best we can do? Sure, we don’t want to downplay their feelings. We want to express an acknowledgement of […]

Language of Healing

In many ways, I’m lazy. I do my best to make the best of my time and be wise with the days and hours I’m given. But, sometimes, I hit snooze rather than getting up early to pursue my dreams. Dreams of being a great writer. Dreams of reading great […]

Are you lazy?

I had an early career as a forger. My forgetfulness made it “necessary” for me to sign my mother’s name on field trip permission slips. Or, maybe it was the detentions. Can’t remember if I started signing permission slips or detentions first. Nevertheless, I made sure they were signed. Pretty […]

Who Signs Your Permission Slips?