“Prenatal” Care

Each of us has an intention in our hearts that requires bringing forth life in one way or another. Whether literally bringing forth life or breathing life into breathless goals and dreams, we have tremendous power to harness and direct toward fulfillment of purpose. Power to embark upon life-changing endeavors and power to nurture people and projects to the next level. But in the interim, there’s a little thing called time. In that time, check-ups and accountability help ensure that what we develop is healthy and thrives. For our purpose, let’s call it “prenatal care.”

“Prenatal carecul is preventive care given throughout pregnancy with a goal to treat or prevent potential health problems. Through regular check-ups prenatal care also promotes healthy lifestyles that benefit both mother and child. Does it make sense to apply a similar concept to your dreams? Let’s see. Do we want to employ a type of care to prevent any attacks to the health of our dream? Sounds good to me! This care can inspire us to:

  • Submit our dreams to regular check-ups
  • Get treatment for any dream-threatening issue that comes up during the process
  • Discover how to adopt healthy habits that benefit each of us and our dreams

If you have a dream that is The unrealized or in development stages, und you can benefit from prenatal care. Take a moment to assess how serious you are about really doing it this time. An easy way to determine how serious you are is by looking at your schedule and the people you spend the most time around. People 2014 who are preparing for a new baby get doctors who specialize in prenatal care Your to monitor them through the process. Beyond that, they start preparing for delivery and life once the baby arrives. We can do similar tasks in giving life to a dream, but it may require some changes in habits and environment.

  • Have you identified accountability partners, mentors or other destiny connections?
  • Have you done any research on classes or material that can help you along?
  • Are you adjusting your schedule to accommodate your transition?

Why all the questions? This is what happens at check-ups! An expert evaluates you based on what they know, then they weigh that against your response Depression when they ask about your progress. The good thing about prenatal check-ups (in my opinion, don’t know yet for sure) is that when you get on the scale, you SHOULD be a little weightier than you were last time. In the arena of your dreams, people who are committed to and invested in you will want to see you be a little “heavier” in knowledge, see your schedule hold a little more “weight,” and maybe even see your influence be a wholesale NBA jerseys little bigger or reach further than cheap nba jerseys their last encounter with you.

Allow me to encourage you. It’s not about how lofty or grand your dream is, or even about writing things down in a fancy planner. It’s not about how fast you can make it to the top of your mountain of goals. It’s not even about amassing accomplishments for bragging rights.

It’s about investing in yourself. It’s about strengthening your commitment to become all God’s called and created you to be. Understand this: your legacy is being written in all your encounters, not just the ones where you intentionally put your best foot forward. Decide to be accountable. Pursue wisdom and display excellence in all you cheap NFL jerseys do. And finally, don’t be discouraged by the appearance of setbacks. Square your shoulders, maintain your focus and speak life!

For wisdom is a defense as money is a defense; but the excellence of knowledge is that wisdom gives life to those who have it.     Ecclesiastes 7:12

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