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Are you known as a dreamer? Ambitious? Do people often remark about how busy you are?

When I look at my life today, many of my days and nights are filled doing things that I talked about for a LONG time. It’s hard not to retreat into regret when I think of how much further along I could be if I’d pressed a bit harder back then.

While I can’t go back and change those days, this more mature, settled, wise version of me can look ahead and see which of those dreams and ideas still fall in God’s plan for me. Talk about awakening a new version of worship! In the past two years, I shifted into a gear I didn’t know was hiding just beneath the surface: drive.

More than ever before, I’m motivated to “go for it.” Fear is less a factor than it’s ever been.

The best biblical example I can think of to describe drive is David. Before becoming known as a great warrior, he was a diligent, proficient shepherd with a worship lifestyle. His drive was developed backstage in his role as a shepherd, killing lions and bears in defense of the sheep. His faithful habits in his ‘day job’ empowered him to believe he would do the same to ‘the uncircumcised Philistine that dared to defy the armies of the living God’ in defense of God’s people. When the time came, he did exactly that.

Life happened to me over the years, but somehow God also graced me to keep my head above water and maintain my stance, while completing my assignments alongside His sheep. Then one day, I had to definitively face the Goliath-like fear that yelled, ‘Can’t!’ every time I thought, ‘Maybe…’ 

David’s trust in God arose out of worship and relationship. His confidence in his ability came from faithful performance. David’s days consisted of work and worship. Our lives should be similarly balanced, realizing that inner work (prayer and worship) AND outer work (planning and preparation) goes into creating our future. What we desire to do ‘one day,’ may very well depend on what we do ‘every day.’

We each walk out our relationship with Him in a unique manner. David didn’t go online to see what training classes he could take to defeat Goliath. Nor did he pull out his planner to see when would be a good time to pick up some smooth stones. But that’s our reality today. We generally have to make plans and count the cost before we embark on our assignments. It takes preparation to navigate between your bill-paying day job and going after your passion! As I look ahead toward releasing my first book, I’m grateful for grace that steered me into the face of fear, and habits that prepared me to work with focused drive.

Are you being tested by your daily responsibilities? Make a commitment. Be intentional to perfect your skills and develop your drive. How?

  • Keep God first. Inner work of prayer and worship.
  • Gear up. Plan and prepare as a lifestyle.
  • Gather your team. Seek complementary skills,  not complimentary people!
  • Decree your goals. Align your words with your faith, not what you see.

Like David, when you’re ready, a giant will appear. When it does, confidently respond and walk away victorious!

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